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​ELA45  Heavy Duty Max. 6,500N

ELA45 electric linear actuator

Lead Screw|Planetary Gearbox  |IP68
Overload Protection|

ELA45 dimension


ELA45 series is the ideal model to replace your current hydraulic system and suitable for heavy duty operation.

The compact tubular design integrating lead screw transmission and durable brush motor makes everything simple and neat.

Built-in over current detection (OCD) unit provides users with extra proactive safety measure.

Accessories such as external reed switch, limit switch, remote controller, control box and power supply are optional.

*With a 12V motor, the current is approximately twice the current measured in 24V.

​Product Code

ELA45 - XXX - XXX - XX - X

                 Stroke   Load   Voltage  Function

Please kindly indicate your demand with the above coding principle while contacting us, thanks.

electric linear actuator over current detection unit

Over Current Detection (OCD)

OCD unit monitors the status of current at all times. When it reaches stroke limit or encounters any blockage on its way, the OCD unit shuts motor down proactively to prevent it from burning out.

 US Patent US10630214B2          Taiwan Patent I671995      China Patent CN110661457B 

Anti Pinch With Load Setting 
Set up the max. load based on your demand to make it work smarter. For instance, to lift an object weights 15kg, an actuator with preset max. load 20kg reserves 5kg allowance to activate anti pinch function.

Hurd Precision US Patent DC Motor Controller US2020083825A1
Hurd Precision Taiwan Patent DC motor controller I671995
Hurd Precision China Patent DC Motor Controller CN110661457B
reed switch

Stroke Setting, Work With Switches.

Sometimes the existing product does not fit perfectly with your demand. For example, you could hardly find an actuator with stroke 170mm from the market but that is what you actually need.

Not a problem, just connect our actuator with external reed switches, adjust the stroke, and everything is done.

Function S: Stroke setting, 2 sets of wiring (4 wires) total for the upper and lower limits. It can be connected to your own A-contact switches, such as reed switches, limit switches, push switches, tact switches, etc.

Function R: With built-in reed switches and a magnetic ring, the position of movement can be sensed to stop at any position.

ELAXX Reed Switch Setting
Hall sensor

Hall Sensor for Accurate Positioning.

Function H: With a built-in hall sensor, positioning signals could be retrieved to your PLC for dedicated relative positioning. 

A Hall sensor is a  type of sensor which detects the presence and magnitude of a magnetic field using the Hall effect. The output voltage of a Hall sensor is directly proportional to the strength of the field.



electric linear actuator CE:EMC SGS

IP Rating  66

electric linear actuator IP66 SGS


electric linear actuator RoHS SGS

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